Our Missions

The Brave Tide Foundation, Inc. is committed to fulfilling three major goals: emergency preparedness and recovery; rescue and relocation of animals that are abandoned, neglected, or otherwise in need; and financial aid to support educational programs for economically disadvantaged individuals. The Foundation owns and operates a Piper Cherokee Six airplane. The Cherokee Six is a single-engine, six passenger workhorse with a long history as a safe and economical airplane.


Financial aid to support educational programs for economically disadvantaged individuals
The Foundation provides financial aid to individuals entering the fields of education, aviation, and veterinary medicine. These areas were chosen to reflect the activities of the Foundation. The Foundation believes post-secondary education provides knowledge and skills that can benefit individuals, families, and the community. The financial aid is designed to help alleviate some of the burden faced by students entering higher education. The aid is awarded to high school seniors in good academic standing who possess high moral character and demonstrate financial need. The Foundation is also working to promote aviation careers through an ambitious flight training program. More details will be posted about this exciting opportunity for future pilots!


Rescue and relocation of animals that are abandoned, neglected, or otherwise in need
The Foundation coordinates with adoption agencies, humane societies, and rescue shelters to transport animals for rehoming, fostering, and relocation due to emergencies. Animal transports are conducted based upon need and are funded through donations and grants. The average distance travelled is 500-1,000 miles at a cost of $200 for large dogs and $100 for small dogs and cats. Overall, travel by air is more expensive than driving for trips greater than 500 miles. This is due to the higher cost of aviation fuel. However, the advantages are many: significantly less travel time resulting in less stress on the animals; more control over environmental conditions in the aircraft cabin vs. van or hauler; and the ability to deliver animals to multiple states in one day. Brave Tide successfully transported over 150 dogs since 2012!


Emergency preparedness and recovery
The Foundation coordinates with local and national relief organizations to collect and deliver volunteers and supplies to affected regions. These missions provide transportation of volunteers and critical supplies before and after emergencies. In many cases delivering supplies by air is the most timely and cost effective option for emergency support.


The Brave Tide Foundation, Inc. serves individuals, families, and communities throughout the United States. 100% of tax deductible contributions go directly to fund the activities provided by the Foundation. Click here to donate via PayPal or send donations to our mailing address located on the contact page. Contributors will receive an electronic receipt for online donations. Letters with contribution details for donations sent to our mailing address are also available upon request.


Ongoing Campaign
The ongoing capital campaign is entitled “Saving Lives, One Flight at a Time” and is extremely ambitious. Our goal is to raise enough funds to operate 2-3 missions per month. Each mission is capable of rescuing and relocating numerous animals, transporting volunteers and supplies to communities impacted by natural disasters, and assisting local and regional agencies with ongoing humanitarian efforts.


The Foundation relies on volunteers for mission planning & coordination, fundraising, and community outreach programs. Individuals can send an email with contact information and a brief narrative about why they are interested in volunteering to: bravetidefoundation@gmail.com


Tax Exempt Status
The Brave Tide Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax exempt, publicly supported organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, and is incorporated and registered in Pennsylvania.  All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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