Brave Tide Foundation: Saving Lives, One Flight at a Time

Updates from Brave Tide: Meet Tess & Tide!


Hello, and thanks for stopping by! We know things have been quiet here lately, as no recent flight missions have been scheduled, but we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce our latest Brave Tide ambassadors: Tess and Tide! Tess and Tide, sisters from the same litter, traveled from GPA Tampa to their forever home in the Hilt householdRead the Rest…

Goodbye to Lily


When we adopted Lily the greyhound in 2010, she quickly became a best friend to her big sister London. London was quiet and reserved while Lily had an outgoing and playful spirit. They enjoyed spending time together and quickly became inseparable. After London passed away a few months ago, Lily’s eagerness to snuggle and cuddle with family members seemed toRead the Rest…

End of Year Update


A message from Jason Hilt, Brave Tide President: As we move closer to the new year, I wanted to send a note of thanks from the Brave Tide family for your support throughout 2016 and provide an update on one of our Brave Tide ambassadors. Transporting animals over great distances by air is a complex undertaking that is made muchRead the Rest…

August Flight


Six greyhounds flew with Brave Tide to forever homes in August. The retired racers traveled from Florida to Pennsylvania in the cool cabin and slept most of the way. Flight photos are posted on our website and Facebook page. Travel by air is safe, fast, efficient, and slightly more expensive than ground transportation. We believe the many benefits outweigh the increased cost. Please consider donating $5, $10,Read the Rest…

August Puppy Flight


The puppy flight was a tremendous success. Brave Tide has transported over 130 greyhounds but this was the first greyhound puppy flight. After enduring a tough start to their lives, the three puppies flew to their forever homes in early August. Spunky, Fenway, and Billy were born 8 weeks ago and experienced health issues that required hospitalization. Luckily they had caring humans toRead the Rest…

Thank you for supporting our humanitarian endeavors.

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