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Transporting animals is a major focus for our organization. Brave Tide has flown over 42,000 miles to transport over 150 animals to their foster and forever homes.  Travel time is greatly reduced allowing us to cover great distances in a single day and resulting in less stress on the animals. Although travel by air is more expensive than ground transport, we have seen overwhelming benefits for the animals in the reduced travel time and of course the excited families waiting for their new additions.

We have not done this alone. We are very grateful for the support from the Petco Foundation, ASPCA, and individual supporters who have generously contributed to our life saving missions.  As we continue to increase the number of life saving flights undertaken, we look to partner with more individuals, organizations, and businesses.  Our organization seeks your support in order to continue our missions and help animals in need! We are looking to partner with you and are offering you the opportunity to become a Brave Tide sponsor that will help increase awareness of your commitment to supporting life saving missions by helping with the cost of conducting the transport flights.

The details of how this partnership works are below and on the attached page outlining the different support opportunities. Additionally, your contribution to our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is tax deductible.

Thank you so much for your support!

OPTION A: Use the online form below and PayPal

1) Select a sponsorship level
2) Complete the form and submit
2) Send donation via PayPal
3) Email your logo to bravetidefoundation@gmail.com


1) Download and print the sponsorship/support form: Sponsor Form
2) Select a sponsorship level
3) Complete and mail the form along with donation check
4) Email your logo to bravetidefoundation@gmail.com


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