100th Greyhound Flight


Brave Tide Foundation reached an exciting milestone at the end of August as we transported our 100th greyhound! We flew 6 retired racing greyhounds from Tampa, FL to Wilmington, DE. This milestone would not have been possible without the generosity and support from the Petco Foundation, ASPCA, greyhound groups, animal welfare organizations, donors, sponsors, and animal lovers across the country. We truly appreciate the support! Additional photos from the flight can be found on our FB page: Brave Tide Facebook Page.

Travel by air is safe, fast, efficient, and slightly more expensive than ground transportation. We believe the many benefits outweigh the increased cost. Please consider donating $5, $10, or more to the Foundation via PayPal using the links below or by check to the mailing address below. Every dollar donated goes toward the direct transport costs. For $100, donors can sponsor the transport of a specific greyhound and receive a boarding pass and sponsorship certificate with the dog’s photo, bio, and travel information! To sponsor a specific greyhound: choose a greyhound, click the sponsor button below, and add the greyhound’s name at checkout. Your generosity is appreciated!



Via Check:
Brave Tide Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 735
Boyertown, PA 19512

~~~ Tampa to Wilmington ~~~

Seat 1A: Bob – sponsored by Mary Jane Warren



Seat 1B: Sandbox – sponsor needed



Seat 2A: Dimitry – sponsor needed



Seat 2B: Krissy – sponsor needed


Seat 3A: Rojo – sponsor needed


Seat 3B: Sally – sponsor needed


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