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Since the start of 2014, Brave Tide has helped transport over 70 animals. The transports are funded by donations and grants covering fuel and airport fees. We continue to expand our missions based on incredible demand and hope to transport many animals in the future.

What is the new sponsor program? We created a new sponsorship program that allows organizations and businesses to add their logo to the Brave Tide airplane. The logos are created by a great local business, Graber Letterin’ Inc., and are noticed at every airport we visit. Graber Letterin’ Inc. created the Petco Foundation logo that currently adorns the Brave Tide plane. See below for a photo of the logo. Sponsor logos will also be included on the Brave Tide website and apparel. Sponsors are needed to keep Brave Tide flying and to help animals in need. Information about the sponsor program is available on the sponsor page: Sponsors

Why are sponsors needed immediately? Maintenance on the Brave Tide plane was completed in July and all issues were addressed. No issues were deferred so the plane is in the absolute safest flying condition. The attention to detail, coupled with the cost of aviation parts and labor, resulted in a large expense. We also covered the majority of the flight expenses for many of the transport flights in 2014 resulting in a rapid decrease of available funds. Moving forward, we outlined a funding model that will allow us to continue flying frequently while keeping the necessary reserves for emergency flights and maintenance expenses.

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Petco Foundation logo created by Graber Letterin’ Inc.

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